Somatic Psychotherapy

Have you ever moved a certain way…

… or been in a pose and had a random memory come up? Maybe a sudden feeling of familiarity?

That’s because our bodies store our experiences, bad and good.

Here’s an example of the bad…

I once had a client complaining of a strong, uncomfortable knot in her left shoulder following the traumatic death of someone close to her. Using somatic-based therapy, we figured out that she had learned of his death while answering the phone with her left hand and shoulder.

But don’t get discouraged, because good experiences are also stored!

For example, when we do somatic psychotherapy together, I might say, “Notice what happens in your body when you think (insert happy memory here).” You’ll typically have multiple positive body sensations, which we’ll later use as anchors if the bad ones get to be too much.

This is a therapy that frees your head, heart, and body.

To make sense of things that have happened to us, we have to slow down and process what’s going on in the body as we have certain thoughts. This allows us to integrate what’s happening in our head, heart, and body, and that’s the key to emotional regulation.

Why does that matter? Well, emotional regulation enables physical regulation, and both lead to better overall health and wellness because we can be more resilient to whatever comes our way.

Our bodies are often going through patterns that mirror what’s going on in our lives. During session, I might ask you to notice what’s happening in your body as you talk about something. When you do, you’re liable to become aware of many sensations you often avoid or push down. This can give you insight into what you might be avoiding or pushing away in other areas of your life.

We’re going to learn all about your nervous system.

You will learn to track your nervous system during and outside of session.

Tracking your nervous system means learning the physical signs of hyperarousal (an over-activated nervous system) and hypoarousal (an under-activated) nervous system. We’ll review that information together, and it’ll inform our work in session.

During the session, I’ll guide you to provide us real-time feedback about the messages your body is sending to your brain and what’s triggering you.

This will enhance your awareness of the subtle and not-so-subtle things happening in your body, and, eventually, you’ll learn to use those queues as a guide for healing.

This is the work that lets us go deep… and quickly.

Are you ready to explore how what’s going on below your neck?

Are you ready for the insights held by your body?

Are you ready to release what’s been plaguing your mind for so long?

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