Gina has such a calming presence. She has mastered the art of calming the vagus
nervous system. Her talents helped me gain greater control of the mind body connection.
I was able to learn the art of guided meditation and slowly worked up to longer and
longer periods of time in order to assist in decreasing my anxiety. At times, the mind acts
out of habit and it took time and repeated practice to learn new habits. I prefer the
bottom up approach when increasing my ability to control my nervous system. Gina's
ability to find just the right guided meditations helped me overcome anxiety and learn a
life-long habit that assists me in keeping my anxiety in check and continue to be
successful in my daily functioning in both the home and work setting. I am also able to
respond rather than react to my family members which was a huge improvement from
before I met with Gina. Thank you Gina!

Rose C.

Gina is my go to referral therapist. She's a wonderful listener and skilled practitioner in
healing trauma. Her gentle, yet strong approach has the potential to benefit anyone who
sees her. She can connect authentically and deeply with those she serves and support
folks in discovering their own inner knowing and sense of agency in the world.

Dana N.

I have known and worked with Gina for many years, and she is one one of the best
therapists I know. She has a warm and relaxed energy that you notice right away. She
has a way of making everyone feel comfortable in her presence. What I have loved most
about Gina is that she is real. Her clinical skills are effortless, and is just naturally a
skilled clinician. She is one of the most competent therapists I've worked with when it
comes to trauma and codependency. She's one of the few that I would trust with my own

Andrea Y.

It has been an absolute delight to work alongside Gina as my colleague for many years now. She has always met clients and individuals with kindness and the utmost regard for holistic care. I have referred many of my clients to Gina and I trust her therapeutic skills and insight in treatment. She continues to learn and grow from new treatment modalities in order to provide the best individualized care to her clients. I hope you have the pleasure and joy of working with Gina to create internal connections and healings!

Lauren B.

Gina is an incredible therapist! She is warm, friendly, intelligent, and she cares so much about her clients. I highly recommend seeing her. She has a lot of experience but most importantly she will always make you feel seen.

Maren J.