About Therapy

Maybe you’ve been in therapy for years, secretly wondering if it’s working.

You could be “performing” in therapy, telling your therapist what you think they want to hear. Or perhaps you don’t entirely go into the depths of things because of wanting to appear put together, not wanting to let your therapist down, or feeling self-conscious that your problems aren’t as bad as those of other people.

Maybe you’re noticing you dread going to therapy or are avoiding sessions because you’re unsure what to talk about or work on.

You’re even frustrated or angry that you’re not seeing the results you want because you don’t feel truly understood and aren’t getting helpful feedback – or maybe there’s no feedback at all.

So, if you’re feeling stagnant in therapy… or if you’re here considering therapy for the first time… you’ve come to the right place!

My style of therapy is different…

… from the traditional talk therapy that you may have experienced or seen in movies.

You know… where you spill your guts only to get minimal or invalidating feedback like “your thoughts are distorted.” Or there are lots of “mmhm’s,” head nodding, note-taking, or psychoanalyzing (maybe the fact that she likes mangos means she’s an extrovert that’s looking for her life’s purpose?).

As a therapist, I’m relatable, fun, confident, and will offer feedback (especially as we get to know each other) rather than treat you like a dry, clinical case that I’m trying to diagnose.

We’ll talk, but we’re going to slow down the process of talking…

… so that you can notice what’s going on at a body-based level. This is so important because to learn to regulate and have a better outcome than others who have experienced hard things, we must make sense of what has happened to us in our heads, hearts, and bodies. Sometimes, that involves catching the body and heart up to the head, leaving the head for a while to see what the body is doing, and ultimately integrating the head with the heart with the body to achieve emotional freedom.

What emotions or bodily sensations are coming up for you as you talk or think about this now?

Some things people notice when they focus their attention on the body are: holding their breath in and forgetting to breathe out, a clenching jaw, tightened fists, the tension in their shoulder/neck area (this is an area of the body where we store anger!), fidgeting hands or feet, and inwardly slouching shoulders (which can be a sign of wanting to protect ourselves). These subtle body cues are unconsciously sending messages to our brain to be on high alert, or maybe even that we’re ready for hibernation mode, which can elicit more depressive symptoms.

For example, you may notice that you feel the tension in your shoulder that you’ve never realized was there and the urge to avoid that body sensation. From just that action, we can explore where else the urge to avoid plays a part in your life and then change the pattern of avoidance by staying with the body sensation to see what happens when you continue to focus your attention and stay curious. This change in the process ultimately changes outcomes.

We might spend entire sessions realizing the unconscious processes manifesting in the body… and how those forces are operating in other parts of your life. Anxiety, depression, dissociation, “overachieving,” needing to be in control, perfectionism, feeling ashamed or inadequate, and choosing the “wrong” partners for relationships are just a few of the disturbances and problematic patterns that often have something much deeper at their roots.

Here’s another question you’ll often hear me ask:

What age goes with that thought, feeling, or behavior?

By bringing awareness to the age of thought, feeling, or behavior, you’re able to understand things like anxiety and depression as states of being that are frozen in time. Together, we’ll take these parts from misunderstood and stuck to free and helping you live your best life!

We’ll develop your wisest, most adult parts so that younger, more scared parts won’t be unconsciously running your life anymore.

You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself in our sessions.

Clients will learn how to track their nervous systems and better regulate their mind, heart, and body. They will learn how to trust their intuition and decipher what you actually want versus what others want. We will connect how past events are affecting you today and explore the things that brought you into therapy from a totally different perspective. You will learn to love, accept, nurture and have gratitude for even the darkest parts of yourself that have been ignored or pushed down for years.

My clients often report instant relief or insight about things they have been struggling with for years.

About Me

I’m the kind of person who craves personal evolution and growth.

I used to meet this need by pushing myself into situations outside my comfort zone, such as moving abroad for years at a time and trying out various career paths like providing psychological services to Nigerian sex workers in Spain and working in high schools in Australia with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

Through experiences like these, my awareness of my own unique intersections, community, and place in the world was heightened, humbled, questioned, broken down, and re-grown (still growing, by the way!). Though that might sound extreme, I view this as a healthy process to understand my privilege and own shit that I’m bringing to the table as best as I can.

Are you ready to be that amazing and inspiring adult that the child you were always wanted to be?

I’m also sure the future you will appreciate the now you making this call. Your life could look different in just a few months!

Schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation with me today to begin your exciting journey to healing! (619) 663-6433

What will we talk about during the phone consultation?

I’ll ask questions about what brings you to therapy, how long you’ve been feeling this way, what you’re hoping to get out of therapy, and what’s stopping you from getting there on your own. You’ll also have a chance to ask me questions. By the end of the call, we’ll determine if we’re a good fit.

From there, we can figure out scheduling and the next steps.